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List of Pre-Approved Claimable Voice Actors:

Remember: You still have to request to complete the claim!


Bea Benaderet - Betty Rubble
Mel Blanc - Bugs Bunny, Barney Rubble
Arthur Q. Bryan - Elmer Fudd
Daws Butler - Yogi Bear, Elroy Jetson
Stefanianna Christopherson - Daphne Blake
William Costello - Popeye
Pamelyn Ferdin - Lucy VanPelt, Fern Arable
Nicole Jaffe - Velma Dinkley
Gerry Johnson - Betty Rubble
Jack Mercer - Popeye
Don Messick - Boo-Boo, Astro, Scooby-Doo, Muttley
Heather North - Daphne Blake
George O'Hanlon - George Jetson
Gary Owens - Laugh-In Annoucer, Justice League Narrator
Alan Reed - Fred Flintstone
Penny Singleton - Jane Jetson
Hal Smith - Owl, Elmer Fudd
Arnold Stang - Top Cat
John Stephenson - Lazy Luke, Mr. Slate, Fancy-Fancy and Doggie Daddy
Jean Vander Pyl - Wilma Flintstone
Frank Welker - Fred Jones...(he's in EVERYTHING)
Paul Winchell - Dick Dastardly, Gargamel

But this is just the tip of the iceburg. Check out WIKIPEDIA or Internet Movie Data Base to find even more! Don't let your favorite classic voice go without love because your mod is lazy and short-sighted.
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