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classicvaclaims's Journal

Classic Voice Actor Claims
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The Claiming Community For Golden Age, Contemporary and Japanese Voice Actors
Why I've Started This Community:


Originally, I was over at va_claims and I noticed that almost all the claims were for contemporary voice actors (1971-the present). So I opened this community to give some special love for the voice actors who worked during the Golden Age of Animation up to 1970. Some of these individuals weren't even credited for their amazing work! They deserved their own community.

Sadly, both va_claims and seiyuu_claims, the claiming community for japanese voice actors are no more, so I've decided to open this community up for claiming ALL types of voice actors.

Claiming is EASY:

1. Join the community
2. Read the rules!
3. Read the FAQ's to make sure that your claim falls within the "Classic Voice Actor", "Contemporary Voice Actor" and "Japanese Voice Actor or Seiyuu" guidelines.
4. Make a post telling us who you want to claim, one or two of the classic characters they played, and just for fun, why you're claiming them.
5. For now, you may only claim one male voice actor and one female voice actress for a total of two. FOR EXAMPLE CHECK THIS
6. If you ever change your LJ name or change journals, you are responsible for contacting your mod, ainohimeliz, and informing her of such a change WITHIN 30 DAYS. Otherwise your claims will be purged and become available again.


1. NO FLAMING!!! We are here to give love to classic voice over artists, not to put anybody or anything down.
2. NO FIGHTING!!! That will not be tolerated here!
3. NO OFF-TOPIC POSTS! You may, however, promote another claiming community, posts graphics/icons etc for voice actors and animation, and openly discuss voice actors all you want. When in doubt of the appropriateness of a post, just ask the mod.
4. No fair requesting to claim someone who has already been claimed unless the one who claimed said voice actor has left LJ or changed LJs and failed to inform the mod after 30 days.


1. So, then, what do you consider a "claimable voice actor" in this community?
A: Any individual who did significant voice acting work.

2. May I claim a big-shot Hollywood actor who did voice over work?
A: No, I will not accept any requests to claim Miley Cyrus or Dakota Fanning.

3. Does said voice actor have to be dead to be claimed here?
A: Certainly not! While many of the claimable actors here are sadly deceased, many of them are still alive.
EX. Janet Waldo, voice of Judy Jetson, is the only living original cast member of The Jetsons and is claimable.

4. Does said voice actor have to be retired to be claimed here?
A: Nope! Just make sure said voice actor started to actively work by at least 1970. When in doubt, WIKIPEDIA or Internet Movie Data Base.
EX. Frank Welker, who has been labeled as a "voice acting god" by contemporary voice actor Billy West, still works very actively. You may remember him as Freddy Jones from Scooby-Doo: Where Are You?.

5. Does said voice actor have to be credited to claimed here?
A: No, in fact, prior to 1944 when Mel Blanc, voice of Bugs Bunny, finally had it worked into his contract, voice actors were rarely credited for their work and that was a shame. If you knew of any individual that didn't get the love they deserved back then, CLAIM THEM and give it to them now!

6. Do you have anything against contemporary voice actors?
A: Goodness NO! We love them very much! I just thought that the ones who did work prior to 1970 deserved their own community. If you want to claim a voice actor from 1971 to the present, I must refer you to va_claims.

7. But I don't remember any of these people. What do I do?
A: Do you remember any of the classic characters they voiced? If yes, CHECK THIS OUT.

List of CLAIMED CLASSIC VOICE ACTORS In Alphabetical Order:

Phyllis Diller(The Monster’s Wife) by batkisses
Walt Disney(Mickey Mouse) by _heartcollision
June Foray(Natasha Fatale, Rocket J. Squirrel) by maz_z
Paul Frees(Boris Badenov, Ludwig von Drake) by maz_z
Casey Kasem(Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, Robin) by batkisses
Paul Lynde(Templeton, The Hooded Claw) by ainohimeliz
Janet Waldo(Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop) by ainohimeliz


childstarclaims, a Former Child Star Claiming Community

If you would like to affiliate with us, just ask the mod. We prefer to affiliate with claiming and other related communities, but your mod is not picky.